Business Development Opportunities

The Office of Energy Efficient Businesses, administered by CCAT, is designed to bring energy efficiency and conservation services directly to small businesses in underserved areas in Connecticut’s cities and towns. The OEEB will identify steps small businesses can take to reduce their energy bills and increase profits – and help them implement these measures.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Innovation (MSCI) can assist businesses by conducting manufacturing supply chain assessment, alignment, and development activities, providing grants to Connecticut small and medium-sized manufacturers for continuous improvement projects, developing manufacturing curriculum for incumbent workers and articulating students, performing Manufacturing Business Assessments (Operating Efficiency, Lean Maturity, Technology Evaluation, and Market Evaluation), creating and operate the Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC), assessing Connecticut need for entry and advanced level manufacturing jobs.

2015 Manufacturing Technical Assistance Program (MTAP) provides an opportunity for small and mid-sized companies, in good standing with the state, to take advantage of the cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and staff expertise of CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC). Manufacturing companies with less than 100 employees, including startups, are invited to submit project proposals for solving manufacturing process problems or to support the ability to offer new services or begin the manufacture of new products. CCAT will also provide on-site support for technology transition when it applies.

The Manufacturing Innovation Fund Voucher Program (MVP) provides financial assistance to Connecticut manufacturers to help them better compete in the global marketplace. The goal is to assist companies in executing projects that are technologically innovative and will help them spring ahead in terms of profitability, productivity, and efficiency.

The Small Business Incubator Program (SBIP), administered by CCAT with support from the State of Connecticut, provides grant money directly to start-up companies housed in incubator facilities for the purpose of easing the inherently high financial burden of growing a high technology based business in today’s economic climate. CCAT and DECD will consider all appropriate applications for funding. Potential uses of this funding include, but are not limited to business plan preparation, financial counseling, management counseling, market analysis, marketing, prototype development, and specialized equipment.

Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC)

The Connecticut Economic Resource Center makes it easy for you to handle everything you need to know about doing business in Connecticut. You can contact the Business Response Center over the phone by calling 1-800-392-2122 or by sending the Business Response Center an email. A Business Response Center specialist will use his or her own knowledge and our extensive databases to address your questions clearly and quickly. For a detailed list of programs in Connecticut, search the online database, ProgramFinder.

CERC ProgramFinder is Connecticut’s comprehensive database of business programs and services. ProgramFinder contains information from both the public and private sectors, as well as from federal, state and local levels.