Business Development Opportunities

The Manufacturing Innovation Fund Voucher Program provides companies with access to capital to help them obtain new equipment and the expertise they need to become more efficient, productive, and competitive. Eligible companies can apply for vouchers up to $50,000 for the purchase of specialized equipment and expertise that will help improve operations, including marketing, LEAN, compliance, and other technical needs.

CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center – CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center has leading-edge equipment and systems that are showcased, demonstrated, and evaluated. CCAT’s team of experts has a broad expanse of capabilities to evaluate technologies and process improvements, including the following:

Applied Engineering and ManufacturingRely on CCAT’s experts to lead and conduct applied engineering and manufacturing research.

 Additive Manufacturing – Metals & PlasticsProducing prototypes, repairing components, and building new parts to help solve your complex challenges.
Precision MachiningRun better, faster and leaner using technologies that optimize machining and increase your productivity.
Structured Light Scanning/Reverse EngineeringGet precise quality control reports and create 3D models from existing parts.
Business AssessmentsA candid, comprehensive evaluation of your manufacturing technology and operations with CCAT’s proprietary, 100-point assessment.
Making Business ConnectionsWhether you are starting a manufacturing business or want to supplement your capabilities, CCAT can connect you with reputable supply chain companies.
Manufacturing Funding / Grant OpportunitiesFind out how CCAT can help you tap into potential funding resources for your manufacturing projects.


The Connecticut Economic Resource Center makes it easy for you to handle everything you need to know about doing business in Connecticut. You can contact the Business Response Center over the phone by calling 1-800-392-2122 or by sending the Business Response Center an email. A Business Response Center specialist will use his or her own knowledge and our extensive databases to address your questions clearly and quickly.