Current Members

The Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition, administered by the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, is comprised of representatives from the fuel cell and hydrogen industry, labor, government, and other stakeholders. The Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition is working to advance the development, manufacture, and deployment of fuel cell and hydrogen technology and associated fueling systems. The inaugural members of the Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition includes the following:

Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc.   Board Member
CCAT works in partnership with industry, government, and academia to strengthen technology-led economic competitiveness. The Energy Program at CCAT provides administrative support for the Coalition and facilitates collaborative efforts to enhance the capabilities of the fuel cell and hydrogen industry.

FuelCell Energy   Board Member
FuelCell Energy, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of carbonate fuel cells based on the Company’s Direct FuelCell® (DFC) technology. FuelCell Energy is developing its Direct FuelCell® for use in stationary applications with three main products, sized at 300 kW, 1.2 MW and 2.4 MW. FuelCell Energy is also developing next-generation high temperature fuel cell products, including a diesel fueled marine Ship Service Fuel Cell, a combined cycle DFC/Turbine® power plant, and solid oxide fuel cell systems for applications up to 100 kW.

Proton OnSite/Nel  Board Member
Since 1996, Proton has been developing and applying hydrogen technology in creative and practical ways that best meets the diverse requirements of our customers. Proton’s advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis systems coupled with our uncompromising attention to excellence and quality enables us to deliver, install and support gas generation units on every continent. More recently, Proton has expanded its product offerings to include hydrogen control systems, nitrogen generators and air generators. Proton has also expanded its services to include packaged solutions incorporating tanks, compressors and other ancillary equipment.

Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, LLC Board Member
Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, LLC is comprised of a team of experienced fuel cell, hydrogen and business professionals dedicated to making the fuel cell and hydrogen future a reality. Infinity’s initial product focus is on developing purpose-built proton exchange membrane PEM Regenerative Fuel Cell systems to provide energy storage for renewables.

Connecticut’s Green Bank Board Member
The Connecticut Green Bank (formerly the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority) was established by the Connecticut General Assembly on July 1, 2011 as a part of Public Act 11-80. As the nation’s first full-scale green bank, it is leading the clean energy finance movement by leveraging public and private funds to scale-up renewable energy deployment and energy efficiency projects across Connecticut. The Green Bank’s success in accelerating private investment in clean energy is helping Connecticut create jobs, increase economic prosperity, promote energy security and address climate change.

General membership to the Connecticut Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Coalition is open to any and all individuals, corporations and organizations whose fuel cell and hydrogen activities are aligned with the Coalition’s goals.

Other members of the Coalition include:

Connecticut Siting Council
The Connecticut Siting Council is a Connecticut State agency with jurisdiction over the siting of power facilities and transmission lines, hazardous waste facilities, and telecommunications sites.

Connecticut Department of Community and Economic Development, Office of Business and Industry Development
DECD’s state investment arm and the advocate for business and economic development, this office maintains a staff of experienced business development specialists who are very knowledgeable of the many programs, services and incentives available to businesses in Connecticut.  This office is the principal point of contact for in-state and out-of-state companies seeking assistance.

Center for Clean Energy Engineering (C2E2) at the University of Connecticut
C2E2’s mission is to address emerging global energy and environmental challenges, and to be a leader in transforming “Science to Systems”; bridging the gap from fossil fuels to a hydrogen economy; enabling industries and organizations in the development of cost effective and timely solutions for critical technical issues; and providing guidance and leadership in solving global societal issues ranging from sustainable energy to the environment

Pullman & Comley, LLC.
Pullman & Comley, LLC. is a law firm with offices in five locations across the Connecticut and in New York that has played an active and distinguished role in the Connecticut and New England business community since 1919. Pullman & Comley, LLC. is legal counsel to many fast growing businesses including major financial institutions, health care providers, service businesses, trade and art associations, manufacturers and emerging growth businesses, as well as not-for-profit organizations and individuals. Pullman & Comley, LLC’s Energy and Utility Practice represents major utility companies, power marketers, power generators, alternative energy project developers and end users.

Precision Combustion, Inc. Board Member
Precision Combustion, Inc. (PCI) develops and manufactures catalytic devices for clean energy applications. In the hydrogen sector, PCI is a world leader in the development and production of fuel processors and components as well as low NOx hydrogen burners. The company’s fuel-flexible Microlith® fuel processor systems are uniquely compact and highly effective in converting conventional gaseous and liquid fuels to hydrogen-rich reformate for fuel cells and other energy applications. Customers include leading manufacturers of fuel cell systems, chemicals, gas turbines, aerospace systems, engines and the U.S. Government.

Clean Cities
The mission of the Clean Cities Program is to advance the economic, environmental, and energy security of the United States by supporting local decisions to adopt practices that promote the use of alternate/clean fuel in transportation, reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector, develop regional economic opportunities, and improve air quality. Clean Cities is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program (FCVT).

CTTRANSIT provides public transit local and express bus services within the Greater Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford, Connecticut metro areas. They are owned by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT).

Design By Analysis, Inc
Design By Analysis, Inc. (DBA) provides customized design and analysis for highly engineered, precision mechanical systems, subsystems and components. DBA is a leader for providing advanced technology solutions to the aerospace and fuel cell industries using state-of-the-art tools in mechanical design and analysis while maintaining a positive and ethical working environment.

Connecticut Department of Transportation
ConnDOT works with the public, transportation partners, state and federal legislators, and other state and local agencies to provide a safe and efficient transportation system for the people traveling in Connecticut.

Skyre, Inc (formerly Sustainable Innovations, LLC )  Board Member
Skyre was founded in 2007 by Dr. Trent Molter to develop and manufacture innovative products based on a proprietary, low-cost, large format electrochemical platform that transforms waste gases and power into higher value forms. Skyre’s products serve critical energy and industrial applications having tremendous global commercial and societal value. Our revolutionary, high-pressure proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology builds upon the many billions of dollars of prior private and public investment in the low-carbon economy and places us in a unique position to address large robust markets having significant commercial and societal importance.

Fuel Cell Perspectives
Fuel Cell Perspectives is an independent consulting firm specializing in all aspects of fuel cells including: application analysis, stack and gas cleanup design, materials, marketing and sales strategies, and the impact of Public Policy and Utility rate structures on fuel cell market growth. The Principal , John Trocciola, has over 45 years of applicable experience in all fuel cell technologies including, AFC, PAFC, PEM, MCFC and SOFC and has been issued 43 US patents in these fuel cell technologies and their applications.

Robinson & Cole LLP
Robinson & Cole lawyers serve institutional and industrial clients in a full range of legal disciplines from intellectual property and technology, energy and communications, environmental, land use, and real estate development to corporate, mergers and acquisitions, securities, labor and employment, immigration, contracts, tax, and financial services.

Dexmet Corporation
Dexmet Corporation manufactures precision expanded metals, foils and polymers with exacting mechanical and electrical properties to meet very tight conductivity, weight and dimensional tolerances needed in electrochemistry applications. Dexmet’s precision expansion process ensures high reproducibility leading to more consistent cell production and lower cost of quality. Dexmet Quality System is ISO m9001:2008 certified. Dexmet is the premier manufacturer of MicroGrid® and PolyGrid® precision metal foils and polymers.

Advent Technologies
Advent Technologies is a world leader in the development of new materials and systems for energy applications. Specifically, Advent Technologies is dedicated to commercialize the technology of high temperature membrane-electrode-assemblies (HT MEAs) and to scale up manufacturing to the level that covers existing and near future demands.Advent Technologies is headquartered in Cambridge Massachusetts USA. The company also occupies research and development space in Patras, Greece where pilot manufacturing is taking place.

US Hybrid
US Hybrid specializes in the design and manufacturing of zero emission powertrain components for electric, hybrid, and fuel cell medium and heavy-duty municipality vehicles, commercial trucks, buses, and specialty vehicles throughout the world. Established in 1999, US Hybrid began with a cadre of knowledgeable engineers and management with decades of experience in electric and hybrid powertrain and energy storage systems. US Hybrid has been developing and deploying electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles over decades, as well as designing, developing and manufacturing electric powertrain and fuel cell engines for medium and heavy-duty fuel cell commercial buses and trucks OEM. US Hybrid is at the forefront of the zero emission transportation industry providing the most value to our customers and partners globally.

Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc.  Board Member
Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. is a new fuel cell company founded on the strength of the people and technology developed at United Technologies over the past fifty years.  In July 2014, Doosan Corporation acquired the assets of ClearEdge Power (formerly UTC Power). Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. manufactures and services highly efficient PureCell® Model 400 fuel cell systems that generate 400 kW of assured electrical power, plus 1.5 million Btu/hour of heat, for combined heat and power (CHP) applications.

Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA)/ Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP)
The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is statutorily charged with regulating the rates and services of Connecticut’s investor owned electricity, natural gas, water and telecommunication companies and is the franchising authority for the state’s cable television companies.  PURA replaces the former Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) and is part of the Energy Branch of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).

Darien High School Fuel Cell Project
Founded in 2003, the Darien High School Fuel Cell Project is a unique, student-driven project that aims to explore the field of alternative energy with an emphasis on hydrogen fuel cells. The team competes in the yearly Shell Eco-Marathon, a university dominated competition.  In 2016, DHS Fuel Cell placed third in the hydrogen fuel cell prototype division at the Eco-Marathon.  The team also hosts the annual Darien High School Energy Symposium, a day long event educational event focused on alternative energy.

People’s United Insurance Agency
People’s United Insurance Agency is a full-service insurance agency with headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut. As a Top 100 Property and Casualty agency, PUIA has been serving the insurance needs of consumers, businesses and business owners for over 120 years. The Agency also offers group insurance and employee benefit plans, risk control services and a Special Programs division. The Risk Management division provides proactive risk control and claim oversight services and is dedicated to reducing total cost of risk in the hazard lines of property/casualty insurance.

Aris Energy Solutions
Aris Energy Solutions is an industry leader in renewable, sustainable and efficient energy solutions for a wide range of Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential Energy Projects.  We supply advanced micro Combined Heat & Power solutions for building power using both solid oxide fuel cells and reciprocating engines, as well as an innovative and resilient wind/solar powered off-grid product for exterior lighting and telecom applications.  Aris Energy Solutions develops and manages  renewable energy projects that integrate our energy solutions with others’ technologies for best results.   The company was founded in 2013 and includes experienced executives from the digital economy, fuel cell & chemical engineering, world class logistics, and retail construction specialties.  Aris Energy Solutions has established a CT sales office as a satellite to its NY headquarters/warehouse.

R&D Dynamics Corporation
R&D Dynamics Corporation is a world class center for research and the design, development and production of reliable, affordable, energy efficient, oil-free turbomachinery supported by foil air/gas bearings, and associated systems for various aerospace and commercial applications. R&D Dynamics Corporation’s line of oil-free, foil air/gas bearing supported turbomachinery offers unsurpassed reliability and efficiency. Affordable, compact, and light-weight, R&D Dynamics machines are ideal for aerospace, automotive, energy production, and a variety of industrial applications.

Air Liquide USA LLC
Air Liquide​ in the U.S.​ counts more than 20,000 employees in more than 1,300 locations​,​ offering​​ industrial gases and related services to customers in a range of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, metals, construction, food and beverage, research and analysis, electronics and healthcare. Air Liquide is currently developing a number of hydrogen fueling stations to support fuel cell electric vehicles in the Northeast U.S.

Myoniks Inc.
Myoniks is dedicated to recycling solution that targets the recovery of battery materials that are contained in production scrap and end-of-life lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), materials that might otherwise be disposed of in a landfill or processed in high-emission.  Myoniks targets the recovery of valuable materials from consumer electronic batteries (devices with lithium cobalt oxide (LCO) cathodes) and nickel‐rich EV and stationary storage battery chemistries (lithium‐nickel-manganese‐cobalt (NMC) cathodes). The LIB Recycling Technology is designed to recover cobalt, nickel, lithium, copper, iron, aluminium, carbon, plastics and manganese into saleable products that can be reused in the battery supply chain.